Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Kiefer Crowd went to California to visit family over the weekend. First time since Xmas, and there were lots of changes. We had an impromtu B-day party for moi at Kristi and Tim's fabulous new home, which is coming together quite nicely! Can't wait to come again and see the progress. Sean showed off his bachelor pad. Very swanky. I'm going to move in on his balcony. Sean has quite the retreat working over there. Diana is busy rearranging her home after downsizing the occupancy and will probably require more visits, but next time, we'll have to take a shopping break to Taipan...?is that the great store?


Kristi said...

I'm loving the updates! I think you should come out especially for a Tai Pan trip, yes, that is the place. Thanks for the shout out! Have Ryan email me some pics of the cake so that I can put it on my site! Happy Birthday again, and it was great to see you guys. I hope you enjoyed your extra slice when you got home!

Maryrose said...

Diane, love the post. No mention of the sister in law???? Happy Birthday, I was hoping we would shop for your birthday. I still owe you. See you soon. M